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of Jambulaniadaka. on behalf oi'tlie Pilya and c!&r«d him
protection. He abo defeated Kondrajn Tmipathvjn, tlife
governor of Siddhavafcam $Im«? at iJtukur and annexed Ills

Kaifrat sfCfrkltrt L,K. 17, pp. 47-4S,

During the reign of Venkatapatiraya at Candragiri
VenkataramarSju of the family of the Cittiveli cliiefe who
joined the side of Venkatapatiraya, the lord of the throne of
Vidyanagara, won a victory over Xandyala Krsnaaiaraja iii the
battle of Jambulamadaka.* Haying taken Kr§gamaraja
prisoner, he offered him protection.

Kondraju Tirupatirajti was holding sway over Siddha-
vatam as a subordinate of Venkatapatiraya : Matla Ellamaraja,
the chief of Cittiveli, defeated him in a battle at Ctakur and
seized Siddhavatam.

. 9, p 881.


After the death of Srirangaraja, Koijdrajii and Tirupatiraja
entertained the idea of ruling independently the Siddhavatam
slma together with Pottapi slma. Alter the death of &ri-
rangaraya, the Matla chief Ellamaraja and his sons went
over to the side of Venkatapatiraya, who was ralii;g at
Candragiri. Owing to the enmity that existed between them
and the Matla chiefs, they confiscated Pondalurn, Penagalfcra,
Ponnapalli and other villages included in the Siddhavatam
and Pottapinadu slmas which were enjoyed by the Matla chieft
as their amaratn villages,

Srlnian MaJiamatidalesvara Krsniamaraja of the Lunar race,
a jnati of Venkatapatiraya, who was governing the Nandyala
slma began to rule the district without paying any regard
to Venkatapatiraya. Kondrajvi Tirupatiraju, the ruler of
Siddhavatam slfwa, posted a garrisoB at Ttukfir, a

* Thit «ploit is *»ribed in oth«r JEtyf /*** to M»0» EUanuwlj*.